Sorry, folks, I'm still working on this page. I want to include several items here but haven't got around to it. I scanned in the original score for the THX logo theme. This is the score for copyright purposes - the real score is a C-program. The exact pitch contours of the piece are determined by some random numbers, so each time I ran the program, I got a different logo. We chose one that had a conspicuous note that went straight down to the bottom, and that one became the one you hear in the theaters.

I also wanted to put up some pix of the "Jammin'" banjo. This is a hand-made instrument, made by Larry Cohea of El Cerito, California, to my specifications. It has two significant changes over normal banjos - first, it has a 6th string lower than the normal strings. I tune it alternately to low A or low G. Next, it has guitar tuners rather than banjo tuners. I can't stand banjo tuners - they are always slipping. The headstock of this instrument decorates the tops of the pages of this web site.

I will try to post some MP3's of my music. It is a bit tricky because of copyright and IP issues. For instance, I can't post a copy of the THX logo theme (but you might be able to find it on an out-of-print CD called "Digital Domain" on Elektra Records). I do have some other stuff that I can post - like my electronic pieces and some original songs. I don't particularly consider myself a songwriter, but I can guarantee that nobody else owns a copyright to those pieces.